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WtERT-News                    September 2021

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The year of 2021 is an environmentally active year for Turkey

Dear Professor Themelis,

The year of 2021 is an environmentally active year for Turkey. Within the scope of the Zero Waste project, which was initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in 2017, institutions have been integrated in the determined application method. With this, it is planned to establish integrated solid waste disposal facilities throughout the country by the end of 2023 and to dispose of 100% of the municipal wastes there.

In parallel with this project, the construction of Turkey’s largest waste-to-energy power plant continues in Istanbul. This power plant, which will have an installation capacity of 77 MW, will annually dispose of 1 million tons of waste, which corresponds to 15% of Istanbul’s solid waste.

In addition, Zeytinburnu Municipality, a district municipality of Istanbul, has started a program to ensure waste recycling. This program allows citizens who bring their recyclable waste to a mobile waste recovery vehicle gains points and use these points for shopping.

Finally, last July, Turkey has decided to stop importing plastic waste from the European Union, and took a step towards improving its environmental quality. All of these steps move the country towards reaching Zero Waste project goals.

So far, in 2021, negativity in terms of environment was the mucilage occurrence the Marmara Sea in the country. Ever since its observance on the sea, the mucilage has been collected from the surface by using various maritime techniques in about a month, while various reports have been published from universities on the disposal of mucilage, emphasizing the need to be more sensitive in the processes which are carried out in waste treatment plants.

In conclusion, it can be said that it is pleasing to mention about positive steps have been taken in terms of environmental sensitivity and development in Turkey in recent months.

Best regards,


Head of WtERT Turkey

Selection of New Case Studies

Waste Recovery Project in Istanbul, Turkey

The call “Bring your waste, collect your points, spend it in your shopping” received more attention than expected from the residents of the district. The project has been running since the end of 2020 and after one month the Mobile Waste Recovery Vehicle already transformed 24 tons of waste. In return people gained 16,500 shopping points.



We are very pleased to announce the launch of the responsive design website of WtERT-Turkey. Take a look at wterttr.net.

WtERT Kazakhstan

We are delighted to officially welcome WtERT Kazakhstan in our network!  De Montfort University Kazakhstan (DMUK) a private university having its head office at Almaty City and the Global WtERT Council signed a MoU accordingly in July 2021.

We are happy to introduce David M. Valera Reynoso as Head of WtERT Kazakhstan. David Reynoso is also president and CEO of the consulting companies GCP and 4KZ.

Take a look at the country page of Kazakhstan.


Sustainably Speaking Episode 7: Advanced Recycling, Combining Science and Sustainability

On this episode of Sustainably Speaking, Joshua Baca is joined by Dr. Rachel Meidl of Rice University’s Baker Institute and Dr. Marco Castaldi of WtERT US and City College of New York to dive into the science behind advanced recycling, how it differs from traditional recycling, what it means for the lifecycle of plastic materials and the role it plays in circularity.

News and Papers

Effectiveness of Waste Management in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan the government is taking various actions on the way of solving the problem of waste management. Thus, development of the efficient waste management system is one of the fundamental principles of the Concept for Transition of the Republic of Kazakhstan to “Green Economy”.

Microplastic Pollution Caused by Laundry

Scientists from the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) investigated on the amount of microplastic emissions shed by domestic laundry throughout the last decades. The microfibres shed by synthetic clothing is not negligible.

Upcoming Events

Bavaria – Fit for Partnership: Modern waste management for Turkey

12.10.2021 – 13.10.2021 | online in German and Turkish language, simultaneously translated

Bavarian and Turkish companies and institutions can present themselves and get the opportunity for personal exchange between the participants.

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