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Welcome to the page of WtERT Asia, a sister organization of Global WtERT Council. Founded to promote sustainable energy generation and waste management in the region. The membership of WTERT-Asia will include heads of various WtERT organizations in Asia and Leading Industries who are interested in the application of modern waste management technologies in Asia, or in transferring Asian technologies to other parts of the world.

Why WtERT Asia?

The WTERT-Asia Inaugural Meeting was launched to provide a platform for communication and cooperation among Asia Central and Pacific countries, and sought to nurture the long-term development of the waste-to-energy sector in Asian countries along the One Belt and One Road route.

The establishment of WTERT-Asia will have a significant impact on the sector. By identifying the best available technology for the treatment of solid waste around the world, especially drawing upon examples of waste-to-energy technology in China, and by making efforts on research, education and promotion, WTERT-Asia will endeavor to improve the waste utilisation, expand the influence of the waste-to-energy sector in Asia, and improve people’s understanding of waste utilisation in the region.

Technologies for Sustainable Waste Management

WtERT Asia is devoted to excellence in research, training and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

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