2005 WtERT Conference

October 20-21, 2005, Columbia University, New York, NY

On October 20-21, 2005, the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council hosted its annual meeting at Columbia University in the City of New York.



  • T. Jackson Dry Reforming of Landfill Gas Us Dry Reforming of Landfill Gas Using Precious Metal Catalysts ing Precious Metal Catalysts
  • S. Kaufman Short Contact Time Reactor Fischer Tropsch Synthesis for the Production of Clean Fuels from Anaerobic Digestion Biogas
  • E. Kwon Thermo-Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) of Combus Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) of Combustion and Gasification of Sty tion and Gasification of Styrene Butadiene Copolymer (SBR) and Butadiene Copolymer (SBR) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Formation
  • S.H. Lee WtERT Corrosion Research
  • M. Nakamura Transport and Reaction Phenomena of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) on WTE Grates
  • A. Penque Extraction of Chlorides from MSW Fly Ash
  • P. Ulloa
  • W. Sunk Increasing the Quantity and Quality/Value of Metals Recovered in Mass Burn WTE Units

Dinner and Awards

The sponsorship of the WtERT Dinner by the Solid Waste Processing Division of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is gratefully acknowledged.

WtERT Service Awards

Presentation by Prof. N.J. Themelis (WtERT Chair) and Mr. Ted Michaels (President, IWSA) of the WtERT Distinguished Service Awards to:


2005 SWPD/ASME Scholarship Awards

Presentation by Mr. Len Grillo, Chair SWPD/ASME and Mr.Amit Chattopadhyay (Manager of Thermal Systems, Malcolm Pirnie) of the 2005 SWPD/ASME Scholarship Awards to:

  • Ms. Katherine Mouzakis (Undergrad.), and Mr. Judd Adam Larson (Grad.), University of Florida (Advisor: Timothy Townsend)

  • Mr. Eilhan Kwon (Grad.), Columbia University (Advisor: Marco Castaldi)

  • Mr. Shang-Hsiu Lee (Grad.), Columbia University (Advisor: N.J. Themelis)

Photo Credits: Masato Nakamura