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Waste Reduction and Final Disposal

Dear Professor Themelis,

During the EWWR, the European Week for Waste Reduction, which took place this November, a multitude of inspiring ideas and over 10,600 actions to Reuse, Reduce and Recycle were presented. This year´s topic has been invisible waste. A lot of interesting material can be downloaded and everyone is asked to use and spread it to enhance the effects!

Still, the great problem of final disposal of solid waste remains. This problem and possible solutions are being addressed at the III Pan American Waste to Energy 2020 Conference in Medellin, Colombia (as well as virtual), which will start tomorrow (December 2, 2020) at 7:30 a.m. Colombian time.

The conference has been organized by the Antioquia Society of Engineers and Architects and WtERT Colombia. Besides other experts, Professor Nickolas Themelis, President of Global WtERT Council, and many other WtERT representatives from Colombia, the USA, Brazil, Germany, etc. will be contributing their presentations. If you are interested, join the conference!

Warm regards,

Hedwig Vielreicher
Director WtERT Germany GmbH

Selection of New Case Studies

Environment360, Ghana, supports informal sector plastic waste collectors to reduce plastic litter in coastal communities

Environment360 works with informal sector plastic collectors in coastal communities throughout Ghana to help combat marine litter by ensuring plastic waste is collected from communities before it enters into waterways. According to World Bank, 80% of marine litter comes from land based sources. Fishermen in Ghana pull in nets full of plastic waste each day. Plastic bottles wash up each day in the coastal communities. This phenomena not only affect life on land but life below the sea and consequently leading to the potential contamination of some portion of the food chain by plastic waste. Environment360 works with all players along the waste management value chain to decrease the amount of indiscriminate dumping of waste in coastal and urban communities. The organization has empowered 300 waste pickers and supported 32 additional people with specialized training for their businesses.


MatER/WtERT Italy

Till December 20, 2020 the call for abstracts is open for the 5TH EDITION OF THE MATER MEETING “Recovery & Final Sinks for an Effective Waste Management”. The meeting will be held in Piacenza, Italy on June 7th- 9th 2021. This particular edition will be organized together with the 6TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON FINAL SINKS. The call for abstracts is addressed to both scientific and technical contributions. You can find further information on the dedicated webpage.

WtERT Turkey

In October 2020 at the 5th Eurasia Waste Management Symposium in Istanbul Professor Samet Öztürk, head of WtERT-Turkey, presented a paper on Status of Waste Management in EU, Asia and Turkey. The Full Proceedings Book can be downloaded.


We are happy to introduce Dr. Jeffrey Le Blanc from WtERT USA. Dr. Le Blanc has extensive experience in engineering, teaching and research and currently holds a position at Advance Products and Systems.

WtERT Asia

As Senior Consultant of Shanghai SUS Environment Mr. Hanwei Zhang is Vice President Engineering Global WtERT Council and General Secretory WtERT Asia. He has been involved in many commercial WTE projects globally in the development of feasibility studies and proposals for integrated waste management

WtERT Germany

We as well are glad to introduce Dr. Karoline Borner from WtERT Germany. Dr. Borner is specialized on Communication Architecture and Facilitating Change Processes. Since 2019, she has been Project Manager of the Tunisian-German Project EGIDD, Ensemble pour une Gestion Intégrée et Durable des Déchets, meaning “Together for Integrated and Sustainable Waste Management”.


IPBES Workshop on Biodiversity and Pandemics

The workshop´s executive summary has been published by IPBES, Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at a critical juncture in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, at which its long-term societal and economic impacts are being recognized.

ITAD e.V. Germany: Energy Transition and Circular Economy – Unthinkable without Thermal Waste Treatment

Thermal waste treatment plants in Germany are, as a sink for pollutants and for the efficient recycling of non-recyclable waste materials, a decisive piece of the puzzle of a modern circular economy. In the energy transition, they also play an important role as a stabilizer of the energy system. In view of Germany’s climate targets, policymakers must set the course even more strongly in the direction of sustainable product design and resource protection.

Climate finance through Clean Development Mechanism in Waste Management  

Financial constraints become barriers to improve MSW management services, especially in lower-middle-income countries. The polluter pays principle is not easy to enforce in the countries where the population has never paid the actual cost of public services aimed at mitigating environmental damage. Having said that, the question persists, as to who will pay for improving waste management?

Upcoming Events

The III Pan American Waste to Energy 2020 Conference

02.12.2020 – 04.12.2020 | Hybrid (face-to-face in Medellín and virtual)

The event will be held in a hybrid, face-to-face and virtual way, taking advantage of the possibilities of both modalities to facilitate both national and international participation as well as interactions between attendees and the presence of a large group of commercial companies and sponsors.

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