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Communication of Prof. Themelis with CNBC reporter who worked on recent CNBC video.

Gasification Growing in Waste Processing" (2020/02/07/the-future-of-waste-to-energy-technology.html). Please see the attached link to an interview with me by Katerina Ploumidaki, published in Ethnikos Kirikas (National Herald) of the US/UK last June. Hello K., further to our earlier correspondence, I finally found more tangible information on Sierra Energy and other Gasification processes in the CNBC documentary. It is well done and mentions three processes that have spent , in [...]

March 11th, 2020|

Responses by Prof. Nickolas Themelis to questions on WTE and landfilling posed by Waste Dive reporter.

Question: Dr. Themelis, Thank you very much for passing this along. The thesis seems to be comparing the health and environmental effects of WTE as compared to landfilling, in which it is determined to be less harmful. However, most of the experts I talk to who are against WTE are in favor of a "zero waste" system that integrates reduction, reuse and recycling as well [...]

March 11th, 2020|

Interview of Prof. Nickolas Themelis with NBC reporter working on MSW gasification project

Municipal (MSW) and other solid wastes contain carbon and hydrogen which, when reacted with oxygen. produce heat. This can be done 1) by controlled combustion of the wastes and using the heat of combustion for generating electricity or for heating. 2) By gasification, whereby partial combustion plus external heating (electricity or fossil fuel) are used to produce a "syngas", consisting of carbon monoxide and hydrogen plus [...]

January 25th, 2020|

News from our partners in Chile

WtERT-Chile ( contributed to the report  Rojas M., P. Aldunce, L. Farías, H. González, P. Marquet, J. C. Muñoz, R. Palma-Behnke, A. Stehr y S. Vicuña (editores) (2019). Evidencia científica y cambio climático en Chile: Resumen para tomadores de decisiones. Santiago: Comité Científico COP25; Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología, Conocimiento e Innovación. . This report was submitted by a large group of Chilean scientists to Chile's Ministry of Science & Technology at COP25. Prof. [...]

January 3rd, 2020|

Call for Papers in Special Issue entitled “Advances in Industrial Waste Reduction”

"A call for Papers in Special Issue of Applied Sciences, titled "Advances in Industrial Waste Reduction" by Prof. Psomopoulos of WtERT-Greece". Dear Colleagues, I would like to draw your attention to Special Issue "Advances in Industrial Waste Reduction" to be published in the open-access journal MDPI Applied Sciences IF 2.217, see: As you have published many interesting papers related to this topic, we sincerely invite you [...]

January 3rd, 2020|

Montreal Gazette: Waste-to-Energy Can Help with Waste Crisis

WTE for Montreal: Montreal Gazette: Waste-to-Energy Can Help with Waste Crisis In an opinion piece for the Montreal Gazette, one of the largest papers in Montreal by circulation, the paper argues that municipalities should consider waste-to-energy as a more efficient method of dealing with waste. With increasing consumption and the straining of recycling systems, waste-to-energy is capable of dealing with new materials. The article comes [...]

January 2nd, 2020|

Sept. 13. 2019: Australian Trade Association Calls for Waste-to-Energy

Sept. 13. 2019: Australian Trade Association Calls for Waste-to-Energy The Australian Industrial Ecology Network (AIEN) is urging state governments and other stakeholders to advance WTE facilities to further develop a circular economy. In a recent report, the association argues that WTE permitting should be streamlined and unified to create a consistent policy framework. WTE is seen as a key driver of maximizing products’ value. [...]

January 2nd, 2020|

Waste-to-Energy with CCS is a Path to Carbon-Negative Power

Waste-to-Energy with CCS is a Path to Carbon-Negative Power A new report from the Global CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) Institute describes WTE’s role in relation to climate change and the benefits of CCS. With continued population growth, waste use, and energy demand, WTE with CCS could be a solution to multiple challenges. The report highlights examples in the Netherlands, Norway, and Japan as [...]

January 2nd, 2020|

SUEZ company of France has been awarded a 109 million euro contract for the Ouarville

SUEZ company of France has been awarded a 109 million euro contract for the Ouarville, France WTE plant (126,000 tons/year). The project includes a ten-hectare greenhouse that will utilize the CO2 generated by the WTE plant. Also, the WTE ash will be used in road construction. Please click on the link to this study.

January 2nd, 2020|

Reaching out for story on EPA incinerator court dispute

Prof. Themelis responds to a reporter's question on the contribution of the Sierra Club to landfilling in the U.S: Sierra Club supports many worthwhile causes but, regrettably, for nearly thirty years they have opposed consistently waste-to-energy power plants that use as fuel municipal solid wastes and generate electricity and heat. As a result of Sierra's "environmental" efforts, the U.S. landfills 90% of its post-recycling [...]

January 2nd, 2020|
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