M.S. Thesis: Critical Review of Waste Management in France

By Lauriane Joannic

Advisors: Professor Nickolas Themelis, Earth Engineering Center Director, Columbia University
Professor Marco Castaldi, Ph. D, The City College of New York

Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering
Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science
Columbia University

March-August 2013

It is now interesting to study waste management in France to know the reason why landfilling is still high in this country and this is the first part of this study. The second part focuses on particulate matter emissions from waste-to-energy facilities.

For this, the different forms of waste management in France were studied to obtain an overview of waste management in the country. Then, a comparison with Northern Europe was made by studying the ranking of some European countries on the waste management “ladder”, with special focus on landfill taxes in various European nations.

In the second part of this thesis, Particulate Matter (PM) emissions from MSW gasification and combustion were characterized, before studying the impacts in total background PM of the WTE facilities operating near the city of New York.

Download Thesis (pdf)

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