“You can even make diamonds out of residual Waste”

"Detailed response of Prof. Peter Quicker (WtERT-Germany) in Waste Management World to questions whether urban wastes can be "gasified" instead of "combusted". Professor Quicker, we regularly hear it promised that gasification processes could replace classic waste incineration and become the next [...]

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Development of Thermal Sprayed Layers for High Temperature Areas in Waste Incineration Plants

by D. Bendix, G. Tegeder, P. Crimmann, J. Metschke, M. Faulstich WTERT-Germany October 2006

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Investigations on Corrosion Protective Layers in Waste Incineration Plants

Peter Crimmann, Dietmar Bendix, Martin Faulstich, Sulzbach-Rosenberg / D WTERT-Germany 2005

Corrosion in the hot gas area of waste incineration plants is a severe problem that often causes premature damage of components. In general, these components are made of base materials, which are not stable in corrosive conditions (boiler steel). Thermal spraying is an alternative to the most usual process cladding, which has the potential to create cost-efficient protective coatings. Until now, there are still not enough experiences about quality assurance (porosity, oxides) and long run behaviour inside the incineration plants with sprayed coatings. Since many years, ATZ Entwicklungszentrum is involved in the development and/or advancement of materials, technologies, and applications of thermal spraying for corrosion protection. Currently, pipes, coated with different materials and different technologies are tested by different strategies (corrosion tests under laboratory scale and/or directly in incineration plants).

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Investigation of Corrosion Protective Layers in Thermal Energy Plants

by P. Crimmann, D. Bendix, G. Tegeder, M. Faulstich WTERT-Germany 2005

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