Paulo Ernani Bergamo dos Santos: Legal aspects of introducing waste-to-energy (WTE) technology in Sao Paulo State of Brazil: The case studies of URE Barueri and city of Sao Paulo

By Paulo Ernani Bergamo dos Santos

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Workshop: Megacity Waste Management Dialogue: The NYC Roadmap for Waste As a Resource

On April 25-26, 2016 the Earth Engineering Center of City College of New York (EEC-CCNY) and the Institute for Sustainability of AIChE organized a very successful two-day workshop in Manhattan on the subject “Megacity Waste Management Dialogue: The NYC Roadmap for waste as a Resource”. The Workshop was co-chaired by Prof., Marco J. Castaldi, and Demetra Tsiamis of RRC-CCNY and was attended by experts from academia, industry, and government. The meeting’s focus was on the present challenges for promoting sustainable waste management in populous cities like New York. One of the presentations was by NYC Commissioner of Sanitation, Ms. Kathryn Garcia.

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Feeding the Asian Dragon

Article by Matt Clay on 6th WTE plant to be built in Singapore, to generate 800kWh per ton of MSW. Article also discusses growth of WTE in China.

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