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Potential for Reducing Global Methane Emissions From Landfills, 2000-2030

By E. Matthews, and Professor Nickolas J. Themelis Sardinia 2007, Eleventh International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium Global generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) is now ~1200 Tg/yr (1 Tg = 1012 g), >70% of which is landfilled. Landfilling of waste contributes ~30-35 Tg methane (CH4 )annually to the world's total CH4 emission of ~550 Tg/yr. Recycling and thermal treatment of waste in wasteto-energy (WtE) facilities contribute equally to diverting MSW from the waste stream destined for landfills and to mitigating CH4 emission. Waste generation is estimated to more than double by 2030 indicating that CH4 emission from waste will rise substantially in the absence of strong policies to reduce landfilling rates. To investigate the potential for future mitigation of methane emission from landfills, we developed reference projections of waste generation, recycling and landfill-gas capture, together with four WtE scenarios ranging from very conservative to very aggressive. Based on these scenarios, global 2030 CH4 emission, including reductions from recycling, range from 86 Tg (most conservative) to 27 Tg (most aggressive). WtE appears to provide the best option for limiting future waste-related emission.

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M.S. Thesis: Examination of Chlorides in Municipal Solid Waste to Energy Combustion Residue: Origins, Fate and Potential for Treatment

By Adam Penque

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Thermal Treatment Review: Global Growth of Traditional and Novel Thermal Treatment Technologies

By Nickolas J. Themelis Waste Management World, p. 37-44, July-August 2007 Global growth of traditional and novel thermal treatment technologies.

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M.S. Thesis: Feasibility Analysis of Waste-To-Energy as a Key Component of Integrated Solid Waste Management in Mumbai, India

By Perinaz Bhada

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M.S. Thesis: Potential for Combined Heat and Power and District Heating and Cooling from Waste-to-Energy Facilities in the U.S. – Learning from the Danish Experience

By Priscilla Ulloa

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