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Capture and Utilization of Landfill Gas

Renewable Energy, 2005
by Professor N.J. Themelis and Priscilla Ulloa
What is the potential for additional utilisation of landfill gas in the USA and around the world?

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2017-12-09T13:55:50-05:00December 9th, 2005|EEC Publication, Publications|

Investigations on Corrosion Protective Layers in Waste Incineration Plants

Peter Crimmann, Dietmar Bendix, Martin Faulstich, Sulzbach-Rosenberg / D WTERT-Germany 2005

Corrosion in the hot gas area of waste incineration plants is a severe problem that often causes premature damage of components. In general, these components are made of base materials, which are not stable in corrosive conditions (boiler steel). Thermal spraying is an alternative to the most usual process cladding, which has the potential to create cost-efficient protective coatings. Until now, there are still not enough experiences about quality assurance (porosity, oxides) and long run behaviour inside the incineration plants with sprayed coatings. Since many years, ATZ Entwicklungszentrum is involved in the development and/or advancement of materials, technologies, and applications of thermal spraying for corrosion protection. Currently, pipes, coated with different materials and different technologies are tested by different strategies (corrosion tests under laboratory scale and/or directly in incineration plants).

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2017-12-08T12:19:49-05:00December 8th, 2005|EEC Publication, Publications, WtERT - Germany|

Investigation of Corrosion Protective Layers in Thermal Energy Plants

by P. Crimmann, D. Bendix, G. Tegeder, M. Faulstich WTERT-Germany 2005

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2017-12-08T12:07:29-05:00December 8th, 2005|EEC Publication, Publications, WtERT - Germany|

M.S. Thesis: Evaluation of the Chemical Effects of Waste to Energy (WtE) Ash used for the Remediation of Abandoned Coal Mines and Potential for Removal of Chlorine from WtE Fly Ash

By Michael P. Hyland

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2020-10-14T13:36:36-04:00October 3rd, 2005|2005, Masters, Theses, WtERT - USA|

M.S. Thesis: Part I. Thermal Breakdown Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste Components in Varying Oxygen Environments; Part II. Municipal Solid Waste Management in China

By Alexander P. Whitworth

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2019-01-18T22:13:04-05:00September 3rd, 2005|Masters, Theses, WtERT - USA|

M.S. Thesis: Theory and Experience on Corrosion of Waterwall and Superheater Tubes of Waste-To-Energy Facilities (Addendum Re-Corrosion Kinetics)

By Dionel O. Albina

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2020-10-14T13:39:48-04:00August 3rd, 2005|2005, Masters, Theses, WtERT - USA|

M.S. Thesis: A Health Risk Comparison of Landfill Disposal and Waste-to-Energy Treatment of Municipal Solid Wastes in New York City (NYC)

By Pearl Moy

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2020-10-14T13:41:15-04:00June 3rd, 2005|2005, Masters, Theses, WtERT - USA|

Management of Solid Wastes in Vietnam

In the past decade, strong economic growth and uncontrolled urbanization have greatly magnified the problems with Vietnam’s solid waste management system, pushing waste management to the forefront of environmental challenges with which it must contend. Not only has there been an increase in the amounts of waste generated, the composition of the waste has changed as well. The current system is already overtaxed due to lack of institutional capacity and insufficient human and capital resources as can be evidenced by low collection rates and inadequate waste facilities. Given socio-economic trends, the issue of how to deal with its solid waste will only become more critical as Vietnam industrializes.

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2017-12-09T13:49:21-05:00April 9th, 2005|EEC Publication, Publications|
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