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Waste in a Land of Plenty – Solid Waste Generation and Management in the US

Waste Management World, ISWA (, September-October 2004 Issue
By Nickolas J. Themelis and Scott M. Kaufman
The US generates the highest amount of waste per person in the world and continues to rely on landfilling at the expense of recycling and waste-to-energy, according to the latest in an annual series of national surveys on municipal solid waste generation and management.

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Waste Incineration and the Community -The Amsterdam Experience

By Thomas McCarthy

The successful community relations strategy followed by the operator of Amsterdam's waste-to- energy plant has convinced the public and other stakeholders of the benefits of incineration for treating the city's waste.

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The State of Garbage in America

The 14th Nationwide Survey of MSW Management in the U.S.
From BioCycle Magazine - January 2004

Collaboration leads to new methodology for the 2003 survey. And the numbers are ... 26.7% of MSW recycled, 7.7% combusted in waste-to-energy plants and 65.6% landfilled.

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