2010 WtERT Conference

October 7-8, 2010, Columbia University, New York, NY

On October 7-8, the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council hosted its 2010 Bi-Annual Meeting at Columbia University in the City of New York. There were 28 presentations and 15 posters in the meeting. In 2010, the Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council requested nominations of urban areas that are close to attaining the ideals of Sustainable Waste Management. The awards were given to the City of Vienna (Austria) for being one of the cleanest (as well as “most livable”!) cities in the world and to Lee County of the State of Florida (U.S.A.) for being one of the first urban areas in the U.S. to approach “zero waste” by minimizing landfilling.

WtERT greatly appreciates all the speakers and participants for their contribution to the 2010 WtERT Meeting.



  • Earth Engineering Center
    Organizations Achievements
  • Ranjith Annepu
    Sustainable Waste Management in India
  • Jawad Bhatti
    Means for Increasing Material or Energy Recovery from Plastics
  • Caroline Ducharme
    Analysis of Thermal Plasma -Assisted Waste-to-Energy Processes
  • Garrett Fitzgerald
    Methane Production via in-situ Point Heat Source Thermal Stimulation from Gas Hydrates
  • Alex Frank
    Numerical Modeling of Pollution Formation in WTE Reactors using CFD
  • Naomi Klinghoffer
    Investigation into Properties of Ash from Biomass Gasification
  • McKenzie Kohn
    Auto-thermal and Dry Reforming of Landfill Gas using a Rh/yAl2O3 Monolithic Catalyst
  • Masato Nakamura
    Numerical Analysis of Flow and Mixing Phenomena of MSW Particles on a Reverse Acting Grate
  • Natalí Ganfer Pelcman
    A Study on an IC Engine Operated on Landfill Gas with Syngas Addition
  • Amanda SimsonCatalyst Deactivation and Regeneration Studies Reforming Ethanol/Gasoline Blends
  • L. Elefsiniotis
    Three-Stage Steady-Bed Gasifier Concept
  • I.-S. Antonopoulos
    Estimation of MSW Heating Values in Greece
  • P. Samaras
    Characteristics and Treatment Processes for Fly Ash from WTE Facilities