Our Mission, Vision, and Values

The Global Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council (GWC) brings together engineers, scientists and managers from universities and industry in several countries.

The mission of WtERT is to identify and advance the best available waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies for the recovery of energy or fuels from municipal solid wastes and other industrial, agricultural, and forestry residues :

  • identifies the best available technologies for the treatment of various waste materials;

  • conducts additional academic research as required; and

  • disseminates this information by means of its publications, the WtERT web, and annual meetings.

In particular, the objectives of the GWC member organizations is to increase resource recovery from used products and minimize the environmental impacts of waste disposal, worldwide.

The guiding principle of GWC is that the sustainable management of wastes must be based on science and best available technology and not what seems to be inexpensive now but can be very costly in the near future.

Research, Partnerships, Technology


Participating members of the Global WtERT Council include universities and/or research institutions from over 30 countries that are actively contributing to our WtERT research, technology or innovations.


Search this site to access thousands of technical papers on the subject of sustainable waste management.


Visit our Resources section to learn the basics of Sustainable Waste Management and view a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Latest News, Research, and Publications

Most recent publications by WtERT-affiliated researchers, student theses, and news related to sustainable waste management and the work of WtERT.

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How Waste-to-Energy Works?

A Waste-to-Energy plant converts solid waste into electricity and/or heat – an ecological, cost-effective way of energy recovery.
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