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Reference Books

  • European Commission: Reference Document on Best Available Techniques for Waste Incineration – European Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control Bureau (August 2005).
    • A 600-page document that contains valuable information on various aspects of WTE technologies as applied in the European Union.
  • F. Hasselriis, F: Refuse-Derived Fuel Processing, Butterworth, 1984.
    • The best available textbook in English on RDF technology, including fuel preparation and both theoretical and operating parameters.
  • Niessen, Walter R.,: Combustion and Incineration Processes.
    • Information on incineration systems, including new advances in control and reduction of toxins and pollutants.
  • Peters, B.: Thermal Conversion of Solid Fuels, WIT Press, Intern. Series on Developments in Heat Transfer, Southampton, 2003.
    • Excellent literature review and analysis on the conversion of solid fuel particles (including MSW) by drying, volatilization, and gasification (combustion) in packed beds and on moving grates such are used in WTE combustion chambers. Discussion of fluid dynamics mass and heat transfer and thermodynamics. Results of application of Discrete Particle Model.
  • Tchobanoglous, George, Hilary Theisen, and Samuel Vigil: Integrated Solid Waste Management: Engineering Principles and Mangement Issues.
    • History of the waste management field, chemical and physical characterization of solid wastes, basic to advanced engineering principles, landfill care, and management issues.
  • Themelis, N.J.: Transport and Chemical Rate Phenomena (Located here)
    • Discussion of fluid dynamics, momentum transfer, heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation), and mass transfer (diffusion, convection), introductory chemical kinetics and thermodynamics. Emphasis is on high temperature applications (combustion, metal reduction, etc.). Heat and mass transfer correlations, physical and chemical properties of materials.
  • Thome-Kozmiensky, Thermische: Abfallbehandlung & Energetische Verwertung (in German). This book is now out of print, new edition is in preparation.
    • Detailed compilation of technical and operating data, concentrating on WTEs in Germany.