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Viviana Avalos, Visting Scholar, Columbia University: Should the Chilean Government Encourage Waste-to-Energy Facilities for Municipal Solid Waste?

2000, EEC Publication, Publications, Theses|

By Viviana Ávalos Araya Research supported by the Chilean National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT) and the Chilean Ministry of Energy. Advisors: Prof. A.C. (Thanos) Bourtsalas and Prof. Nickolas J. Themelis Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science Columbia University November [...]


The State of Garbage in America

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The 17th Nationwide Survey of MSW Management in the U.S.
A joint study by BioCycle Magazine and the Earth Engineering Center of Columbia University

Latest national data on municipal solid waste management find estimated generation is 389.5 million tons in 2008 — 69 percent landfilled, 24 percent recycled and composted, and 7 percent combusted via waste-to-energy.

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Municipal Solid Waste Management Scenarios for Attica and Their Greenhouse Gas Emission Impact

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Disposal of municipal solid waste in sanitary landfills is still the main waste management method in the Attica region, as in most regions of Greece. Nevertheless, diversion from landfilling is being promoted by regional plans, in which the perspectives of new waste treatment technologies are being evaluated. The present study aimed to assess the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions impact of different municipal solid waste treatment technologies currently under assessment in the new regional plan for Attica.

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