First Waste to Energy in UAE

Prof. Nickolas Themelis response to Waste Dive editorial:

I am surprised that Waste Dive, who attended the 2018 WtERT meeting at City College of New York, last October,  seems to endorse the misinformation published by “Rina Li” last December in Waste Dive. As is the usual case, Li does not mention LANDFILLING, not even once, and compares energy recovery from wastes to recycling and composting. What about the POST-RECYCLING wastes, Ms. Li, which in the last ten years, according to all studies, amount to about 70% of the MSW generated in the U.S.?  Regrettably for the U.S., about 250 million tons of POST-RECYCLING MSW are landfilled, using up 250 million square feet of virgin land, every year. Only 30 million tons go to WTE plants, that’s why the U.S. is behind Germany, NL, U.K.,Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, etc. etc.