Comment of Prof. Themelis on the broad use of the word “Incineration” and “Incinerators”

In many parts of the world landfills are set on fire to create landfill space. Even in the U.S., each year there are about three thousand unintended landfill fires (see Dwyer and Themelis, Dioxins study on Google).

These events can be called “incineration” but do not apply to the modern waste to energy (WTE) power plants that use solid wastes as fuel and produce electricity.

When EU agencies use these terms in official documents to refer to WTE plants, they exhibit gross ignorance and they should be told so by people who have better command of English (or other language).

Link to Dwyer and Themelis, Dioxins study –…/artic…/pii/S0956053X15300775